Animations for Goose Island

We were recently commissioned by Wellcom Worldwide and Mother London, to create a series of animations showing their redesigned can.

Working closely with the team at Mother, as well as lighting the cans and liquids beautifully (in our humble opinion!), we created a bespoke rig to roll and spin the cans, to show a realistic and accurate roll.

Below are a couple of the 8 animations we created.




New Work: London Chamber Orchestra

We were commissioned by Innocean UK to create some work along the theme of Emotions, for the London Chamber Orchestra's new season of concerts.  We created a series of both stills and moving image, using coloured paints and inks, dropped into water, which created ethereal clouds and plumes, mixing together and creating some really beautiful imagery.

Thanks to Dom Sweeney and everyone at Innocean for commissioning us, to Paul Blackshaw and Alex Ingram for helping with lighting and the logistics of moving the tonnes of water we used in the process, and to Tom Stewart for his expert camera operating and advice with the moving image.