New Work


This series of pictures came out of a recent collaboration with floral stylist Kasia Borowiecka.  The Dis (lacking) Photic (light) zone in oceanography, refers to the layer of the ocean where only a small amount of light reaches, where lifeforms exist in perpetual twilight.

Thanks to Kasia, and Mai Kittipanwanich for the excellent floral styling, and to Dennis Post Production.


Animations for Goose Island

We were recently commissioned by Wellcom Worldwide and Mother London, to create a series of animations showing their redesigned can.

Working closely with the team at Mother, as well as lighting the cans and liquids beautifully (in our humble opinion!), we created a bespoke rig to roll and spin the cans, to show a realistic and accurate roll.

Below are a couple of the 8 animations we created.