With mouths wide open

Cod, a well known inhabitant of our seas, A fish that was once so abundant that Joseph Dumas proclaimed that if the population was left unchecked, we would be able to cross the Atlantic, walking along their backs.

Little more the 100 hundred years after this proclamation, Cod stocks in key fishing grounds like the Grand Banks (North eastern USA and Canada) and the North Sea, were at the point of collapse. What followed, were drastic quota's and even a complete halt on fishing, forever changing the towns and ports which had grown up reliant on these fish.

A work in progress, this documentary project looks at places effected by this collapse, such the grand banks in North America and the other side of the atlantic, around Great Britain and looking at alternative paths taken by countries such as Iceland and Norway, who through more strict practices, have managed to continue catching this fish, and shown a way to create a sustainable industry, when Cod returns.

“With mouths wide open", refers to both the way Cod swim, with gapping mouths, hoovering up their prey, and also to man-kind, who almost ate this fish to extinction.