The Poundshop Spectrum

After becoming a dad 5 years ago, my exposure to brightly coloured plastic went from 0 to somewhere approaching 100.  The amount of cheap, moulded plastic, “throwaway” toys out there (and slowly building up in my house) was a real eye opener, and something I wanted to document.

About a year or so ago, during a trip to the shops, my son and I popped into Poundland, it was his first visit, and armed with a shiny £1 coin, he excitedly roamed the aisles… The brightly coloured Toy aisle was obviously the one that most caught his attention, and mine, and after this, and many subsequent visits, I decided to start photograph some of the things that ended up coming home with us.

This project is ongoing (probably until around the time my kids have outgrown it, or my studio runs out of storage)

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